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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why I don't like Mark Kirk

Until now, he's publicized his friendship with Karl Rove. Now he's taken away any statement of party affiliation from his website.

He sent me a letter in 2003 6 months after the start of the Iraq war saying there were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. I will not vote for anyone who lies to me.

He never campaigns himself at the train stations. I used to see John Porter there all the time. Years ago when I was going to grad school in Madison I had a lot of disagreements with Senator Proxmire. He was always at the farmers market at the Capital and he'd listen. We'd have a respectful discussion about it. What's Kirk afraid of?

I met Dan Seals at a campaign event and he not only talked, he listened. When I asked his position on guest workers and H1B visas he knew what I was talking about and knew that the guest worker program (pushed by the Bushies) and the H1B special visa program for skilled immigrants exploit both U.S. workers and the immigrants. There's nothing like the hell an H1B worker goes through when they lose a sponsor, something that can happen for any reason or the hell a tech worker goes through when their job goes to an H1B visa worker willing to work for less money because they don't want to leave the country. Expand the regular visa process if we don't have enough workers. I sit next to two talented, immigrant techies who came in on standard visas and green cards. We're all competing at the same level so it's fair for all of us. I get to work with some great people and they get to leave the corruption of their homelands for a more fair society. At least it's more fair for now. The guy from Pakistan is really getting flashbacks to home.

Kirk touts his environmental voting record but he's propping up one of the most anti environment administrations anywhere. Only communist regimes have done worse.

He lost us a lot of jobs at Great Lakes but he's always ready for a veterans photo opp if it gets his picture in the paper.

What I like about Mark Kirk - he is a veteran himself. He's photogenic. He is good enough and smart enough to have done a better job as congressman. I'm totally surprised by his poor performance. He really could do a lot better. He's had his chance, let him be treated like I would if I lied to my employers.


  • "There's nothing like the hell an H1B worker goes through when they lose a sponsor"

    That happened to a friend of mine from school when I got my MIS degree. She was sponsored by her employer and was laid off in a routing lay off. She did nothing wrong. It was terrible for her because her entire life was in the US and they were threatening to send her back to Poland.
    Her employer hired her back just in time to prevent that, but she was a wreck for the entire time all of this was going on.

    By Blogger Ellen Beth, at 8:20 PM  

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