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Thursday, April 12, 2007

God I love my job

I'm just watching Patrick Leahy talking about 5 million "lost" emails from the White House. I'm an email administrator and boy I'd hate to be the administrator for the RNC.

I work for an organization that's required to archive every email to make sure we're not misrepresenting our product to clients. Since I work for honest people (from what I can see, and I see a lot) I just try to keep everything and we have an archiving service that does keep absolutely everything. Everything's treated the same and I can sleep at night knowing I have a lot of backups and the archive has some good DR features.

I could not imagine the nightmare of being the administrator for the RNC. If you have separate servers for the White house Blackberries that isn't backed up and has strict age limits but you backup the regular RNC servers, you're probably pretty screwed legally. That would really look like destroying evidence.

If you don't backup anything and you lose a critical server, you're also screwed.

So, RNC email administrator - I'd feel your pain but you really should have known better. Turn over the evidence, they're not worth going to jail over.


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