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Saturday, September 13, 2008

John Aravosis says it

Much better then I can.

Listening to the conventions, I was struck by how similar Obama's family values were to my family's values. Working hard and getting a good education and becoming a good citizen were everything. It's not easy - I work a lot of hours and then come home to minor home repair and parenting, but it's the most emotionally rewarding way to live that I can imagine. The Obamas are like my parents - my parents worked together to get my father through a doctorate at the University of Chicago. Not going to college was just not an option when I was growing up.

John McCain is not like anyone I've ever met in my life. The way he treated his first family is incredibly disgusting. He made a profession of being a Navy screwup until he was captured in Vietnam. After he was released he decided to be a playboy until he found a rich heiress to marry. Why Cindy married him I'll never know. Whenever I hear about her drug problems I just think that I'd take drugs if I was married to John McCain too.


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