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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New nickname for "Marky"

Thanks to Ellen, I found out that Bush has a nickname for Mark Kirk. According to the Chicago Tribune on June 19 2005, Bush calls him Marky.

Bush likes nicknames but can't be bothered to come up with new ones. Kirk even came prepared with one he liked. He wanted to be called Rooster. Bush's response was essentially "Ok Marky". I'm outraged! For all the ass kissing Kirk does to Bush, he deserves the nickname of his choice.

As it is, Kirk's lucky he didn't get the first nickname that popped into my head when I heard about "Rooster". He's lucky that Bush doesn't call him "Birdbrain"

Search the Tribune archives for Kirk and Rooster. If you don't want to generate yet another stupid login, use Bugmenot


  • Kirk called himself an owl on the floor of congress when he was lying about WMD he just knew were in Iraq. See this. Apparently he does have a thing for birds. Too bad he doesn't have a thing for the truth.

    By Blogger Ellen Beth, at 11:21 AM  

  • See - birdbrain is just about right. I'm really going to worry if he puts down newspaper in his office.

    By Blogger Ironwoodtree, at 7:27 PM  

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