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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fox has some real news?

Yep, Fox gives us the goods on botulism. Cans are busting out all over

This is the final puzzle piece that makes the story fit together. They don't say whether it's just the chili sauce that's exploding, but this is what undercooked cans do. They also don't mention that they stink to high heavens too when they finally break. If you're lucky they'll just ooze but undercooked cans can burst spraying foul smelling goo everywhere. Getting rid of them is worthy of a Dirty Jobs episode.

Castleberry is unlucky since with usual undercooks this will happen way before it's shipped out to customers and the cans will be punctured so no one will steal them and then they'll be buried in a landfill. This does happen a lot but it never makes the news because no one's in danger. I wonder why this one wasn't caught?


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