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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I fell off the wagon

I had fun today at The Midwest Folk and Fiber Art Fair in Crystal Lake. I made several vendors very happy. I swear they had more vendors than the last time I went to Black Sheep. It's not surprising - this is the midwest where we have a lot of farms, lots of sheep farms and lots of spinners and knitters. Next year I'll take a day off for workshops. Today I just shopped.

I bought two very strange things that are working out really well. I had seen drop spindles with square whorls in Spinoff. I bought one from Carolina Homespun and it works very well. I was walking around spinning with it and once I was used to it, it was fast and kept spinning for a long time.

The other weird purchase was black diamond fiber for spinning. It's bamboo fiber that was heated and carbonized. It's a gray fiber that spins very easily, it feels more like wool than bamboo. I also bought a selection of new fibers - soy silk, silk latte made from milk, and bamboo that was not carbonized. Plus northern lights space dyed roving and some tussah and a Kathryn Alexander hat kit.


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