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Monday, July 02, 2007

So Treason isn't a crime anymore

Just like California, where murder isn't a crime if you're at least on the C list, if you're on the Washington A list, perjury in defense of treason isn't a crime. And leaking the name of an undercover CIA operative is one of the most serious crimes I can think of.

Last week I saw the movie Breach and I've been following the news of the Robert Hanssen case. The damage he did by revealing the names of our undercover agents was unbelievable. Once you reveal the name of one agent, the target countries go through all that persons contacts and other agents are revealed. Those people will be killed or jailed. What the Vice President did was as bad as what Hanssen did, the only difference was in degree.

Hanssen made a couple million dollars from his treason, Cheney made a lot more than that from his defense investments as he manipulated the country into a war for corporate profit. Now Scooter isn't going to jail for covering up for his boss, wealthy donors will pay his legal fees and fine, and who needs a law license when you're on the right wing think tank gravy train?

Here's my prediction. Scooter will get a full pardon Jan 19, 2009.


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