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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Commuting Alternatives

My company moved to north Michigan Ave and it's added a lot of time to my commute. Lately the buses have been bunching like crazy so whenever the weather is good I walk to the water taxi. It's basically at Rush and the river. If you know where the Billy Goat is, on lower Michigan, go west past the Billy Goat to the end of the block, turn left on Rush and keep going to the dock.

It's $2.00 a ride or $15.00 for a 10 ride ticket. It goes from Michigan Ave. to LaSalle and then to Madison Street by either Union Station or the Ogilvey Center. It keeps to the schedule and is a fun ride.

My hours are getting weird enough that I'm going to start driving in September. Since I never trusted Bush, I bought a Prius years ago when they were cheap. It only takes me about 15 gallons of gas a month if I drive downtown every day. It'll save me over an hour a day.

I'll miss my train ride. Metra is very comfortable and reliable but I'm fed up with the CTA.


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