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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I just read an interesting interview with Edgar Mitchell. I find him very credible, not only because he's an astronaut who's been to the moon and has a PhD from MIT, but since he's a Roswell resident.

I visit Roswell about once a year, my daughter's grandmother lives near there. Soon after I started going there, I realized there must be something to the ufo story. I was interested in ufo's as a kid, but in my 20's I decided to shrug it off and not waste any time with it.

Roswell people don't mess around with the military. Largely, they ARE the military. If you're there, don't miss the local museum. You can miss the UFO museum even though it's fun, but the real Roswell museum is much better. Many of the men in the Bataan death march were from the area and there's a very good exhibit as well as Robert Goddard's laboratory. Most of the towns in the area have good historical societies that are worth visiting too.

Mac Brazel would not have the leisure or the inclination to make this stuff up. Neither would anyone else in the area. It's just not in the culture of the area. They could have been mistaken but I really doubt that.

I just saw a documentary on the Japanese incendiary balloons that have been blamed for the debris. They don't look anything like the aluminum pieces that are supposed to be in the Roswell debris. The Japanese balloons were paper. So, what the heck's with this?

Funny thing is, almost every military person I meet thinks the government coverup stories are true and that alien bodies are being stored by the military. Smoke, fire, or what?


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