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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My feet hurt

I've gotta say, the last time I walked down the middle of Michigan Ave. it was 1969, I was 12, and I was at a demonstration against the Vietnam war with my Dad. Tonight was slightly more mellow although I attended probably the tamest demonstration that ever occured in the 60's. Dad wouldn't have taken me to a violent one.

Tonight I was busy. I went to the Lyric Opera and followed the results at intermission. By the way, Nathan Gunn's voice is as great as his looks and Nicole Cabell will be a major star. It was wonderful!

At the second intermission, Obama had 297 electoral votes so I called it for the Dress Circle. Everyone was crowded around my Iphone.

Afterwards, I could not resist. I walked to Grant Park. I heard the speech but could just barely see the jumbotron. I'll post some bad cellphone photos tomorrow. After the speech I walked back to far north Michigan for my car. So feet hurt but I can use the exercise.


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