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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pay attention, this is good advice!

There are a number of nasty computer problems out there, go to Windows Update and update your computer right now! Also, have you updated your antivirus lately? If you're looking at this blog through a high speed internet connection, go to your internet provider's home page and they should offer you free antivirus software. Really - I have Comcast and they give me free McAffee antivirus. A $70 value or so.

If you have a lot of popup ads or if you routinely go to Russian porn sites,you need to go to Windows Update first. There's a problem in the component that's used mainly to draw irritating ads on your screen. It's been exploited and can be used to run anything a criminal gang wants to on your computer. Go to the Internet Storm Center if you don't believe me.

Or you can use Firefox like I do. It gets exploited but not nearly as often.


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