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Thursday, July 26, 2007

And now for something completely different

After the previous post I clicked on Boing Boing. This article they linked to is by a former narc who now tells people how not to get busted.

I'll add another one - don't can your hash and think the dogs can't smell it. A few years before I started at Continental Can, the DEA consulted them on some canned hash that wasn't corned beef. Smugglers got a canning machine and cans and canned their hash. The dogs found it with no trouble.

It used to be common for farmers to use actual cans for home canning since the can will just deform when it's stored in a root cellar in the winter. Glass jars will freeze and break. You used to be able to pick up small canning machines at flea markets and the can makers would sell a few cans or maybe the canneries would. You could buy the process instructions too - I had a manual for this at one time. It was safe as long as you kept away from green beans. Commercially canned green beans are totally safe but do not home can them! Too many things can go wrong.


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