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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Republican=Really Cruel?

What is it with the current Republicans and cruelty to animals? This is just out of the blue and something I'd never expect, but it keeps on happening.

First, Bill Frist revealed that he would adopt cats and then dissect them. That's really sick. Then it turns out that Judith Giuliani used to kill dogs with surgical staplers for a living. That didn't surprise me - anyone who would stay with Giuliani and actually marry him has to be even colder than he is. She saw how he treated his family and she has to know he's going to try it with her someday when he gets tired of her.

Now the last straw. Mitt Romney put his luggage inside the family car for a 12 hour trip but strapped the dog outside. The terrified dog pooped all over the outside of the car. This is one of the most cruel and stupid things I've ever heard of.

I've had dogs over the years, only 3 because ours tend to live long, and they were part of the family. I couldn't imagine anyone treating them like that.

Can you imagine what cruel freaks like this would do to regular Americans if this is the way they treat kittens and puppies?

See Dogs Against Romney


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