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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Rest in peace, Ladybird Johnson. She was my favorite first lady. Her Keep America Beautiful campaign was incredibly successful. I remember traveling with my family in the 60's and seeing the difference after she made people realize that it was wrong to throw trash out your car window.

There was a time when many people just threw trash everywhere. It was really disgusting but thanks to Ladybird all of a sudden the whole country stopped throwing trash out the car windows. Gas stations started handing out litterbags for cars and towns started thinking about putting plants instead of billboards next to roads. It was absolutely amazing to see.

Once the roadways were cleaner, we started to realize that rivers were catching fire and the sky was an icky brown instead of blue. Al Gore is a great environmentalist but in my book, Ladybird Johnson was the most effective environmentalist of the last century.


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