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Monday, May 19, 2008

Ethnic Cleansing in Italy

Now that the Fascists are back in Italy, they're taking the next step and trying get rid of minorities. Of course this means Gypsies. After a classic blood libel story about a Gypsy girl trying to steal a baby, camps in Naples were burned. The bigger story is that Gypsy people are still in camps and segregated from Italian society. Many of these people are Italian citizens.

How does this affect anyone on the north shore? Well, for one, I'm part Gypsy myself so I care. And I know damn well that when they find out they can go after the Gypsies guess who's next?

Right now it might be useful to call our senators, I'm on some email lists that might have better suggestions - maybe the fax number of the mayor of Naples. The whole world is watching.


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