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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Orchid Blogging

On Saturday I went down to Villa Park to Orchids by Hausermann

They had a seminar on growing orchids in the home. I knew a lot of it, I've been growing orchids for over 20 years on and off. I've tried a lot of things and really come around to just putting everything in plastic pots with bark and watering them once a week or so depending on the pot size. Big ones are ok for a week, small pots need some water in the middle of the week. I use solid clay for those that look topheavy. I hate when they fall over.

Most of my orchids spent last year in those ceramic pots with holes in the side. They are a real pain, water and bark comes out the side and they're so heavy it's hard to tell they're dry.

I spent Saturday afternoon repotting everything. It's a good time to repot, all my orchids are putting out new roots. So everything except a few still in bloom are in plastic or solid clay pots.

I'll post happy orchid pictures tomorrow. Right now the laundry calls.


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