Ironwood Tree

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Turn on WTTW Right Now

The coolest movie of my childhood is on. The Great Escape.

Makes me think of Ray Rayner.

A little bit of culture

So, I'm one of those liberal elites who don't watch NASCAR or football so what do I do with myself? I take a half day off from work and go to the opera. The Magic Flute - the opera that I use to convince people that opera isn't that bad.

I totally agree with this review . Except I really thought that Jonathan Lemalu stole the show as Papageno and I loved the Ladies of the Queen of the Night - yes, they looked like drag queens but it really works.

Not a note was off and the casting was perfect. I don't know whether I like the dragon in Wicked better or the Magic Flute dragon.

And so, I'm indulging my midlife crisis. At some point you realize you have to do what you really want to do. Some people buy a motorcycle, I have a couple of cousins getting a lot of tattoos. I want to hear live music so I'm seeing 4 operas this year as well as Wicked (which was also fabulous). I'd never heard of Manon Lescault before but now I love it. Can't wait for Rosencavalier and Carmen.

So if you're thinking about those expensive concert tickets or the trip to Disney World, as long as your life is reasonably together and you're not gonna miss a mortgage payment or any meals because of it, get the tickets or take the vacation.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Data Mining

Are you pulling that 4th amendment a little closer around you these days? How about this one?

I was pointed to this blog entry on data mining through Amazon wishlists . After looking through my wishlist I realized I'm in trouble. Hacking books and leftist political books and cryptography? Read the post and check your wishlist.