Ironwood Tree

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Does this bus go to Michigan and Harrison?

Check out the City of Chicago's list of possible terrorist acts.

I see people poring over maps and taking pictures of landmarks every day. Am I abetting terrorists when I help a confused person get on the right bus?

Monday, December 17, 2007

More Animal Cruelty

This is just disgusting. So far McCain is the only major Republican candidate who hasn't been linked to torturing dogs. Now it's Huckabee's son.

To review, Giuliani's current wife had a job demonstrating surgical staplers on dogs, Romney took a 10 hour car trip with the family dog strapped in a carrier to the top of his car, and now Huckabee's son actually killed a stray dog by hanging it. I don't know if Bush ever hurt a dog, he seems to treat them better than people right now, but he used to put firecrackers up frogs rears and blow them up. That is really sick.

There's also ex Senator Bill Frist who would adopt cats from animal shelters and then dissect them when he was in medical school.

I'm just disgusted beyond belief.