Ironwood Tree

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My feet hurt

I've gotta say, the last time I walked down the middle of Michigan Ave. it was 1969, I was 12, and I was at a demonstration against the Vietnam war with my Dad. Tonight was slightly more mellow although I attended probably the tamest demonstration that ever occured in the 60's. Dad wouldn't have taken me to a violent one.

Tonight I was busy. I went to the Lyric Opera and followed the results at intermission. By the way, Nathan Gunn's voice is as great as his looks and Nicole Cabell will be a major star. It was wonderful!

At the second intermission, Obama had 297 electoral votes so I called it for the Dress Circle. Everyone was crowded around my Iphone.

Afterwards, I could not resist. I walked to Grant Park. I heard the speech but could just barely see the jumbotron. I'll post some bad cellphone photos tomorrow. After the speech I walked back to far north Michigan for my car. So feet hurt but I can use the exercise.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Note to Kirk

Threatening that Dan Seals is going to raise my capital gains tax is not very scary when I HAVE HAD PRECIOUS FEW CAPITAL GAINS IN THE LAST 8 YEARS YOU F'N MORON!

There, I feel better now. If we get back our economy so that I have capital gains, I won't mind kicking in a few extra bucks. It would be a good investment.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wanna Dog?

I had a great Halloween. I live in a part of Riverwoods where the houses are too far away for good trick or treating. I don't think anyone has come to our house in 30 years. Not since my brother's friends got too old to go.

So I took my daughter to Lincolnshire where we go trick or treating with friends who have kids. For years they've had a nice beagle cross. She's fat and goofy and a perfect family dog. As I walked up to the house, I saw they had a new puppy. It's a gorgeous little terrier cross with a head that looks like an Italian greyhound. She's a sweet, cute little face licker who's run ten pounds off the chubby beagle. Both dogs are housebroken, good watchdogs, and great family dogs.

Where did they get these canine paragons? Where all great dogs come from, the local shelter. Orphans of the Storm is a very old no kill shelter. Right now I work too much to have a dog (even though Arfur would probably be perfect) but if things ever slow down, I'll be there in a flash. I hope Arfur gets a home before then. Chuckles too.

She's worse than I thought

So Sarah Palin's objection to "spreading the wealth around" is that the wealth isn't going from me to her?

She really has some very deadly connections. Her association with an African witch finder is horrible. Hundreds if not thousands of people in Africa have been murdered as witches. People like "Pastor" Muthee are murderers for profit plain and simple. Good thing it looks like her political career might be over as of Tuesday.