Ironwood Tree

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kirk moves his face from Bush's rear

Yeah, I wanted to use a ruder term. Ok, I guess that was still really rude but I'm really pissed off by this Channel 2 Report Kirk is supposedly disenchanted with the flawed intelligence that led to the war. He sent me a letter saying that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq well after we all knew it was a lie. He takes credit for all sorts of programs but he doesn't sponsor any legislation or even cosponsor anything.

Face it, Mark Kirk could be replaced by a bobble head doll in the back of Bush's limo. If you want more dead soldiers and more hatred against Americans in Iraq, vote for Kirk. If you want a chance to salvage this mess and maybe get some of our reputation back, vote for Dan Seals.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bow to me for I am Arbitron

I was Arbitron for the last week. Luckily for Air America, I listen to a lot of Air America. I recorded a good chunk of each show from the Young Turks to David Bender. Plus some early morning WBEZ.

I was pleasantly surprised that they track internet radio as well as satellite and am/fm. You do hear the ads so they should.

Can the Democrats run a better Congress?

Short answer, yes. Good Lord there have been corrupt Democrats when they were in control but the current situation is insane.

Get the idiot back bencher Kirk out now. And when Dan Seals gets in I promise to give him a hard time too. We just can't afford a corrupt Congress any more.

Monday, October 02, 2006

That was exciting (not!)

I was lucky, only 1 inch of water in the basement. The sump pump couldn't keep up.

I have never seen this much rain in Chicago - only in Virginia when I was a kid and we were clipped by some near hurricanes.

C'mon, let's draft Al. This was not an entertaining evening.

So, my global warming pledge - 2 more compact fluorescents and I'll take the train twice a week. I need the knitting time anyway.